Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you deal with an ex-girlfriend of your husband's trying to break up your marriage?

My husband and I had a big argument and an old ex girlfriend of his would not stop bugging him until he told her what was wrong... Now she has damn near ruined everything how do you get rid of the ex?How do you deal with an ex-girlfriend of your husband's trying to break up your marriage?
she should not be involved. period. she was a part of his past and you are his present and future. if he intends to keep you in his life he needs to cut ties with her. it is disrespectful to you and your relationship. How do you deal with an ex-girlfriend of your husband's trying to break up your marriage?
First of all your husband has no business carrying on a friendship with his ex-girlfriend. You should have put a stop to that on day one.

Second you need to tell your husband that he either wants to make a go of his marriage and continue having you as his wife or he wants his ex-girlfriend to take your place, because he can't have both of you.

His ex-girlfriend can only be a problem in your marriage, if you continue to allow him to be friends with her. She needs to go and you need to put your foot down.
Its not about you getting rid of the ex. The question is why is he still dealing with her, and hes with you. Her problems are her own, to worry about. You are his wife, put your feet down, and give orders. Basically your husband needs to decide you or her. Shes a grown *** women, she should be able to handle her own. How the hell is she still in contact with him, or why is my question...Handle your business girl, cause if it was you, handling an ex-boyfriend he would not be having it.
You don't get rid of her, he does. He didn't tell her anything that he didn't want to. She can't force him to speak with her or answer her questions. The biggest problem here is him, not her. What the hell is he even talking to her for?
It's not your job, it's his. He needs to put you first. This woman definitely needs to be put in her place but he should be man enough and have the sack to tell her to leave him the hell alone. Don't let your husband's wussiness drag you into a cluster f**k.
It has nothing to do with her. If you had a wonderful, happy marriage, he's truly in love with you, he won't even look at her sexually or romantically.

It's all about your relationship. Nothing about her.
You and your husband are giving this ex girlfriend way too much power...If you both stand united...she can't succeed in breaking up your marriage....no matter what she does...but it sounds like your husband doesn't have the balls to tell her to butt the hell out of your lives....
So why is He still talking to her?!

How to get rid of an ex? Stop communicating with them! Block her number, block her email and just ignore her.

This is all up to your husband if he wants to stop it he can.
Honestly another person can not break up a relationship. It's the people involved in the relationship and what they do in any given situation.
Get your husband to stop talking to her. She is an ex for a reason. Remind him of those reasons.
you gotta deal with it as a couple...like tell him not to talk to her etc..BUT dont go after the ex urself...tahts what they want...so dont fall into that trap...
Kick her ***!!!

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