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How do i deal with my ex wife?

my ex wife has a chronic drink problem . i have shared parenting with my daughter and now i am going to have to do something. i spoke to her and she denied her drinking. Apparently the child protection team told me i could get a police welfare check late at night or i could apply for residency via a solicitor . If i cant get legal aid i cant afford to pursue this . What do i do?How do i deal with my ex wife?
Do whatever you have to do to get your daughter out of this dangerous situation. You will be saving her life.How do i deal with my ex wife?
Phone the police and or social services. If they've got anything about them they'll arrange for your daughter to live with you.
Have you tried citizens advice??

Also dont forget solicitors often give you free advice on your first visit. Either may provode you an angle you hadn't thought of before

How do I deal with my ex husband having a baby with someone else?

My ex husband and I were married for 7 years with 2 children and divorced just a year ago. Already he has another girlfriend who is 2 months pregnant with his child. I dont know how he can move on so quickly but I am so hurt. I am civil with his girlfriend but they both know I dont really like her. How am I going to deal with and accept their new baby when it gets here? I am afraid I will resent the child but I know it will have to be around my children who are 4 and 6. How to deal?How do I deal with my ex husband having a baby with someone else?
totally understandable...however you two are divorced and he did move on quickly so it has hurt you as well that he did this...he does not seem to care, he moved on. So you need to as well. Not saying it will be easy to see him come with a baby to pick up your children for a visit...You do not have to become his or hers best friend and accept it, but it would be easier for you to just acknowledge it for your kids sake...If you hold onto hard feelings your children will pick it up and it can be more trouble for you down the road then needed...hopefully he will always be in the picture for ';all'; his kids and if so he will always be dealing with you...You are just hurt and it is a real emotional trauma to see this happen, no doubt...You can not hold onto anger or resentment as you have said, it will only hurt you down the line...Best of luck to you..It will get easier on you...How do I deal with my ex husband having a baby with someone else?
I have a pretty close relationship with my x. we share a child together and when his girlfriend had their baby i made it a point to go see her. Now four years later they broke up and the baby likes me more than her own mom. when we go to pick up our kids she wants to go home with me instead of her mom. It makes her mad but i love it!!!!! And dont forget that this baby will be your kids sibling. you dont want any hard feelings between them or you...
you are jealous.

you still have feeling for your ex.

unfortunately, there is nothing you can do.

under the circumstances, he thinks he has you where he wants you.

in this circumstance, you can find yourself a younger man just for show and maybe more.

if your ex is the jealous and violent type, keep your business to yourself.
You dont have to accept the baby, it has nothing to do with yopu. You dont even have to like his girlfriend.

Of course the will be around thier new little brother or sister. Butt out and get a life of your own.
Your job is to be YOUR children's advocate in all things. They will have contact with this sibling when they are with your ex, so do nothing to make them feel umnomfortable about this new baby. They may want to talk about it some, so keep an open mind and spend more time LISTENING than expressing an opinion.

Your resentment issues are towards your Ex, not the innocent baby. Keep a clear head and remember, your marraige to him is over and you have no control over him or the situation. The only one you can control is you and your emotions.
Your test is about LOVE. Nothing else.

Learning how to LOVE you do with your children.

This new baby will give you an opportunity to show how truly amazing you are.

IF you are able to display love to this new baby, and it shouldn't be hard knowing you like babies, you will rise above the obvious hurt and pain that was caused by your ex.

Your strength must come from the center of your being and at the center of your being is.....??????

Breath in......breath out.....calm down......


and it helps to sing and dance when nobodies around.

and remember one very important UNIVERSAL TRUTH.


GO FORWARD and be the greatest person you can be........and the way you do that is by practicing the art of LOVE.


good can be a lot of work.

By the way.....a massage from time to time will help you.
The key word is ex. You have to accept the fact that he has moved on. Maybe you should do the same thing.
Tell him ';congratulations'; and simply continue to live your life as you have been.

He has started a life with this woman....there is no reason to be bitter toward the unborn baby. He or she doesn't have a choice in this situation. Just deal with it on your own, this child needs love just like your kids do.

Resentment, if it isn't dealt with, tends to grow over time.
YOU DON';T . There is nothing for you to deal with except your own jealousy. It's an ugly look on anyone. Learn to detach.


You are not together and you need a life of your own. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Find a way to keep your distance if it's hurting you. You need to move on.

Don't take any of this out on your children or his, it sounds like you need something to occupy your time. Find out what makes you happy and go for it. YOU WILL NOT WIN HIM BACK. IT';S OVER

Find a new way of life that will help you deal!

Or go on the Jerry show and look like a piece of trash...

your choice
';EX'; is the operative word here . . . . . Divorced means that he is entitled to get on with his life however he chooses to. And, if you've been divorced for a year already its long since time for you to let go of the past and get on with your own life as well. If you're still angry with your ex you shouldn't pass that on to his baby, which will be your children's brother or sister. I'm sorry to say this, but resenting a baby seems rather childish to me ! For your own sake and for the sake of your children stop thinking about the past and/or your ex and start concentrating on what you can do to make your own future a happy one !

God Bless You !
Well, it would be cruel of you to take it out on the child. How could you be resentful towards a baby who hasn't even entered this world yet.

You're ex has moved on and started a new life for it or not. Take a look around you. There are many things that happen to people in this world that aren't fair.

You need to stop living in the past because life is short. Your ex has gotten on with his life now you need to do the same.
well its hard, always, to get over somthing like that!!! i srry..............well you just have to think its isnt the end of the world!!!!!!! so just think maybe he wasnt the right person for you!!! you have to move on!
around your children but not around you. who cares he moved on now so should you. you would have no reason to resent a child that you dont have to care for. grow up
No matter how hard it gets, no matter how hurt you feel, always remember that the baby was born innocent and did not ask to be brought into the situation. You also must always remember that regardless of how you feel, that baby is a sibling to your children, same as they are to one another : ) Do you like to read? Read the novel Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott.
First off he's that of your EX! In this case please bring your maturity level up and get over it! He's moved on regardless to how you look at it! He has a girlfriend now!!!!!!!!! I suggest you move on with your life and stay out of his affairs! You don't have to indulge in the babies life because it's not your worry, that's your children sister or brother! Just raise your kids to be close with there sister or brother because they all can be there for one another..... That baby is innocent and your best bet is to embrace it! It's over and regardless to what you think of him and moving on with his life he's done just that moved on! The girlfriend isn't for you to like anyway she's for your Ex to love, like and accept! Sounds like a mild case of envy and jealousy! Get this now that they are playing house that leaves more time for you to allow the children to fill her out because weather you want to realize it or not she's going to be apart of there lives with the baby!!!!!!!! I know this maybe something that you don't want to here but it is what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your life and priorities in order and think like this, you have bigger fish to fry!!!!!!!!! God bless and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your husband probably ';moved on'; emotional long before he even left the marriage so, to him, he didn't move on as fast as you are perceiving it. I know it hurts but for the sake of your two kids you need to work on putting things in prospective.

Children can easily pick up on tension and dislike and it's in their best interest for you to accept your ex-husband's new girlfriend and baby and get along in more than just civil terms. They (your kids and your husband's new baby) are going to be connected for all of their lives; you want your kids to be treated fairly and lovingly while they are around your ex-husband's house and that can't happen without you to the bigger, more forgiving person in this equation.

Your kids have a new brother or sister on the way. If you don't want them to take a back seat to the new arrival, then accept and try to welcome the baby for what it is: family. Resentment will only hurt you in the long run.
This is a very cold answer but i believe that you have to accept all the positive that you received from any type of relationships. That is why i have not married. I accept them for what they are. The good and the bad. That must really hurt! Especially involving children. I went threw a similar relationship. where my man married a woman 2 months after we stopped seeing each other. That Hurt. The marriage lasted 1 year! I know he didn't love her,but that was his way of dealing with it! We have been in touch as friends for more then 10 years.I hope you can get the support from others to deal with it in a positive way! Good Luck!
The same way he would if you where pregnant.

How can he move on so quickly ? , because if you have the kids M-F or even M-SA...What life does that give you to go out and meet other people. NONE......He has 5 to 6 days a week to get out and start over. You may only have 1 to 4 days a month....Doesn't seem fair but that's how he moved on.

When my ex and I first split it was the same, but different I worked two jobs to pay the support and didn't have time for the hook ups. But I was over her........

You seem to be still caught up in the relationship you where in. You need to give him the children a little more and get out there and fine some time to mingle.......Don't feel guilty about the kids being with him, sometimes a woman need her own time and needs full filled................good luck........

PS.......treat the new girl friend and child with a little more respect, fighting with her is not gonna make things will just make you look like your jealous and if anything he is her problem now......
why would you even ask this question its none of your biz to even care what he does anymore .your divorced,i think your just jealous.that's hes gone on and not feeling he lost everything.
Tell him that when he is visiting, he is not allowed to bring his girlfriend in your house. That is the best way to deal with it for now. You can tell him that you can't deal with it and it is not wise to make a scene in front of you children.

How do you deal with an ex husband who refuses to pay child support?

I'm finishing my divorce up and since december 07 he has not paid a lick of child support, and I'm have problems paying things because of it, if you have gone through this tell me how you dealt with it.How do you deal with an ex husband who refuses to pay child support?
I always hear people say 'take him to court' ( I have), 'report him' (he has been), 'he HAS to pay' (he hasn't) ... 'he will go to jail!' ( hasn't yet). Well we have been to court three different times since 1994 and he now owes $60,000.00+! They know where he lives, know where he works (he change jobs alot) but I still cannot get them to enforce him to pay. At one time I had to go on food stamps and state medical for the kids, GUESS WHAT... They found him and he paid... because they (the government) wanted to get that $ back. I went back to work got off assistance and haven't been able to have it enforced since and cannot afford an attorney. I wish you the best of luck for you and your children but I just don't believe all this HE HAS TO and HE WILL GO TO JAIL... Good Luck %26amp; Take Care!How do you deal with an ex husband who refuses to pay child support?
Use your lawful remedy. Have your attorney file a motion with the court. If you don't have an attorney you can get legal aid. Make it painful on him. Tell the court you suspect that his wages have increased. He will have to redisclose and if his wages have increased you are entitled to more support. If he still doesn't pay you can have his wages garnished (again consult atty or legal aid of the court). Some men will quit work over it and if he does, he's just stupid. But then again, he lost you, didn't he?
I reported it to the court and he still didn't pay. Finally I gave up and am doing it on my own. You can go through the court or call your local child support enforcement agency and hope they do something about it.
I am a single father with full custody and never asked for a dime in child support. If you want the responsibility of your kids then take it in full and dont rely on someone else to pay for it. Its called getting a job.
He's in contempt of court. He either pays or goes to jail.

Contact the enforcement agency with all details of his arrears, and provide his place of work. His wages should be garnished.
Take him to court for it - contempt of court! non-payment of child support... you can get the arrears, and even request that it come from wage withholding.
Being a man the most direct way to deal with this problem is take out an abandonment warrent against him and let court sort it out.
Sue his As$. I know people who have gone through the same thing hun, and the only way you'll get something out of him is with a court order.
The IRS sent me his tax refunds. He called whining about that. I told him too f-cking bad.
u take him to court for contempt and get his wages garnished
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  • How to deal with a ex bf that likes your bff?

    he likes her so much he wants me to ask her out for him!How to deal with a ex bf that likes your bff?
    If she is really a bff then you have nothing to worry about. A real friend would never date your ex. I would tell him that you wont ask her for him because you don't want to be in the middle of anything.How to deal with a ex bf that likes your bff?
    First off if he wants you to ask her out for him then he needs to mature a bit more. Second, it sounds like you and him are still somewhat friends so I see no problem with them dating. Ultimately it will be up to them if they do or not and as their friend, you should be happy for them. Be there for your friends.
    How to deal with a ex bf that likes your bff?

    he likes her so much he wants me to ask her out for him!



    your ex boy-friend likes you boy-friend-friend's?

    he likes her. so your boy-friends friend is a female and he wants you to ask her out. whats the problem again?
    I know how you feel! I had a similar problem a few years ago. Asking her out for him is weird; why is he too afraid to ask her himself? If I were you, I'd talk to your bff about it and tell her what the problem is/how it makes you feel. Probs she will listen to you and tell him no.
    wow so want u think u sod do

    me: if i was u i well mack hem happy and do it

    you:i want in yr heart that tell u what to do

    i follow my feelings or my heart

    wat do yr heart tell u want to do
    that would be super weird for me and i wouldnt do it, but if your okay with them being together, then go ahead and ask her for him.
    punch him in da face den punch ur bff

    in da face
    Tell Him Straight... Do it your self or Nothing....

    How should i deal with my ex?

    me and my girlfriend just recently broke up and she still wants to be best friends. Should i be her best friend and remain somewhat close to her or ignore her so that she misses me and hopefully wants to go back to being my girlfriend? I want to be her boyfriend and not just a friendHow should i deal with my ex?
    I would make a clean break, ignore her, and that will let you know if she really loves you or not. You can always be best friends down the road. Tell her you'd like to be friends, just not now, because you still have strong feelings for her, that you need some time to get over her and move on then you can get back to being friends. Do it sweetly and nicely. She'll be kicking herslef within a week or two she'll beg to have you back.How should i deal with my ex?
    Be her best friend as suggested.
    yes become his friend

    here answer this !!!鈥?/a>
    okay so this is how to go about doing that be her friend cause if you say no then she will just think your immature show her how good of a friend you could be that's your only hope of getting her back if you need more advice email me at
    do not stay completely away cus it could hurt her feelings, but make sure its clear that you have a line she shouldnt cross like if she gets too close dont let her. just friends.

    good luck.x
    friend - bestfriend - boy friend

    thats the ladder,

    answer mine,;鈥?/a>
    tell her you don't want to be her best friend but her boyfriend, because you still have feelings for her, if she doesn't want to be your girlfriend tell her you'll not be her best friend anymore.
    dont.. believe me dont.. you may care for her but she might not care for you,. how will you feel being all friendly with her and then she tells you shes met someone else?? it will happen.. stop communicating with her, allow her to miss you, and see if you both real;ly want each oither, the time will help you both reflect on your relationship, all the good and bad will come to light, weigh them up and see if its worth getting back together.

    i know first hand why its not a gd idead being friends with an ex when you still love them.. you always get hurt!!!!!
    It depends on how much you like her and want her.

    She is more likely to come back to you later, if you stay her friend for as long as it takes.

    If you say (in effect) friendship is just not good enough. If I can`t be your boyfriend, then I will be nothing - you might lose her.

    She might even think, good - ';I don`t want him hanging around any more anyway. He`s done me a favour.';
    With what I have read it seems that you didn't want to break up but did anyway. You miss her and hope to get back with her.......hmmmm

    well first of all, what kind of game are you playing?

    If she means that much to you stay close and maybe she'll take you back. But this time be the man and think about what your doing.
    She broke up with you right? If so, she doesn't want to be your friend. If you broke up with her and she still wanted you you wouldn't want her around, right?

    Always remember, lose this chick. She dumped you. Don't be such a loser.

    If I dump someone I don't expect them to ever come within 100 miles from me. If they dump me I don't expect myself to ever come within 100 planets of them
    Being a best friend after breaking up is just a way to ease out of the relationship a little less painfully. It's better to rip the band-aide off quickly.

    How do you deal with an ex-girlfriend that keeps calling and texting? Men and women please help!?

    Here's the thing, I have broken up with her in the past and because of physical reasons got back with her ;-) Now part of my resolution this year is to get rid of her and turn my life around. My life has been nothing but h**l since I meet her. Oh and the time line has been a little over a year since we meet. I have been trying to just ignore the phone calls but I want them to stop all together.How do you deal with an ex-girlfriend that keeps calling and texting? Men and women please help!?
    The calling/texting will eventually end. I had an ex that apparently decided she missed me (yes she dumped me after 2yrs together). For most of the last 2 yrs, she has made numerous calls/texts/emails to me. I didn't need or want her in my life at any level. She was far too difficult. I never answered her calls, opened her emails, or read her messages. Thus, I never responded. She made crappy choices, but I didn't owe her anything else of me. For many months, I wanted the calls, etc, to stop, too. I just learned to ignore them (and her), and now it has tapered off dramatically. Keep in mind, she was extremely needy of attention; I don't think most sensible girls would go that far.How do you deal with an ex-girlfriend that keeps calling and texting? Men and women please help!?
    just call her and tell her that you would appreciate it if she would leave you alone that you have no feelings left for her and you are intending on starting this year without having her in it! then I would change my ph # cause you know she will keep calling.........
    Tell her if she doesn't quit calling and texting you are gonna press harrassment charges..LOL put the scare in her...lmao
    change your number and be courteous when you see her irl, but just stay away.
    change ur #, get one of ur female friends to answer n tell her that you got a new girl, block her #, tell her to leave u alone, call her all the horrible named u can think of and maybe that will make he realize u dont want her
    change your number
    firstly id like to say that its LAME to just be with a girl for physical reasons. thats really low.

    but as far as your problem, explain to her that you're over. you dont have feelings for her anymore. and she needs to back off.
    What the hell are you doing dating my girlfriend?
    BE HARSH..!!

    Just tell her you don't like her anymore and to move on. Ignore her calls and if she persists pick it up and be mean. i.e. tell her why she is your EX.
    Answer the phone and do her one more time. Then change your number.
    Change you number. I know it's a pain to do that. but sounds like it would be worth it. Some people don't get hints. Tell this

    girl straight out, that is if you haven't already.

    Good luck
    I think the calls will only stop once you start to ignore her. Right now you are making her call by keeping in contact with her. stop answering her calls or texts and she will stop the calls. trust me on this one , it will take time but the calls will stop. she still thinks you are interested every time you pick up the phone and talk to her, so when you stop talking to her she will think you are no longer interested and she will give up annd move on to the next guy. good luck.
    there is a way to block her calls and texts. just come out and in a respectful way tell her it needs to stop before you take further actions. put a little scare into her and tell her that if she doesnt stop the calling and texting that you will file for harassment. sometimes it takes a good boot in the ***.
    just block her number.. call ur phone company and tell them you want that number blocked... and she'll get the message :) good luck
    Block that phone number.. and no, don't kill her!
    hi there.. well its hard for that to happen as quickly as you want it to be.. patience is always a virtue, i had a similar situation a couple of years back. just ignore him :)
    just dont anwser her never make a girl anwser for u and she will be all **** it drink liquor and get **** up and kill her lol
    Tell her that you want nothing else to do with her and you want her out of your life. Give her the chance to leave you alone before you have to change your number. If she still continues to call, then you will need to change your number. If she shows up at your door, file harassment charges.
    Tell her u have another girl in your life.
    Ignore her... if that fails, change your number and flatly tell her that this is the last time you will say it: I am finished with this relationship. I have resolved to move on and turn my life around. Please leave me alone or I will report you to the police and get a TRO against you. Hang up, walk away, run, whatever, but do NO acknowledge her again.
    stop boinking her and maybe she will stop calling you asshat
    Be honest with her. Tell her exactly how you feel. If she doesn't back off after you tell her to, tell her that you will be blocking her number. You have to do whatever it takes so you can move on!
    first of alll y r u making a resoulution of trying to get rid of ur girlfriend?? if u really dont like her then u should tell her howw u feel n that u dont want to hurt her when u dont love her. i think ur life is like hell ever since u met her because u making it like that not in a mean way but if u loved her in the first place and thought she was the right one for you then you should of thought how bringing her in your life would effect you mentally and physically.......and if u were in a relationship with her and it was a little over a year and you broke up 3 or less times then i think u do love her but u just need a little time and u just need a break and tell her u need a break and dat u still love her but once ur with a person for too long espically when ur a teenager u need a break to catch up with life....
    tell her straight out that you can't stand her guts.

    and then if she keeps calling, change your number.

    its kind of easy to get rid of someone.
    DON'T RESPOND! don't text her back telling her to quit

    don't answer only to tell her not to call - IGNORE! IGNORE IGNORE!!!!!! If all else fails threaten her with a restraining order - that will help you keep your resolution too!
    Block their number. OR kill the *****. Or both.
    get a restraining order
    Get your number changed cause it seems she's not getting the message.
    Call your provider and see if there is a way to block the number. That way she can't bug you. If I really wanted her to leave me alone, I would tell her and tell her with conviction, you have to believe it also in order for her to. If it keeps up you really are dealing with harassment. It's in your hands. Ignore it and hope it goes away or deal with it in a real and upfront way that leaves her no room for encouragement. Good luck. Miss Mary
    Just tell her in the nicest possible way that you are not interested in talking to her and if that don't work then change you digits or block her calls.. But you can't be getting physical with her anymore you know!

    How do you deal with an ex like this?

    he is still friends with one of my besties and she tells me things he says. he's a BIG TIME LIAR he even lied to me what he real name was..but he said he was he best thing that's ever happened to me.How do you deal with an ex like this?
    ignore himHow do you deal with an ex like this?
    The way you deal with him is to not deal with him at all. Your friend is entitled to be friends with whoever she wants. However, you should let her know that you don't care to hear about anything he has to say.
    How do you deal with a lying ex?

    You don't. He's an Ex for a reason I assume. Keep it that way.
    What a loser, is your bestie friends with him because she wants to spite you ?? Honest i think your bestie prob likes him ...He's using her too get to you .
    That seems like a tough situation, what you should do is AIM the following screen name: TheAdviceGiver85

    They helped me and they will help you
    Put him in the trunk of your car with no food or water for about 2 weeks.
    Get over him. That's the best thing that happened to you.